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This Hansome boar is  named Hello Piggie's Fox he is a gorgeous red spotted boar and  He is currently 4 years old He is 14" tall, He is a full Miniature Juliana.
This is Hello Piggie's  Noel,   This boar is 14" We are in love with this guy!Gorgeous blue eyes! He is 3 years old! He is a Miniature Juliana! He was born and raised here and is one flashy guy!
This guy is Bear! He is  our new unrelated lined  1 year old Chocolate agouti spotted Miniature Juliana boar! He has his first litter by Judy born last month! He is  short legged short backed guy, I only use  boar as a yearling only if I am completely  confident in  the lineage behind them and I know My friend Baylee has some nice pigs! We are proud of Bear and his first kids!
Our second new unrelated boar Houdini! Also from my  friend Baylee   He is a 1 1/2 year old boar, He is a Miniature juliana, Gorgeous Silver Spotted  with paint markings! He is just now having his first  litters!

Hello Piggie's Faye is a Miniature Juliana pig! she came from our piggies and is back home now! She is 14" tall and 4 years old, Steel grey spotted with socks and  partial collar, although not related she looks alot like Queenie! Faye is  pictured here pregnant with her litter due within a few days!

This lovely lady is Hello Piggie's Paisley! She is a lovely light grey with spots and a adorable star on her forehead! She is 3 years old and  is a half sister to our Mia!  She is 14" tall!  She is a Miniature Juliana pig!
This girl is Hello Piggie's Thumbelina! She is a gorgeous white spotted girl with beautiful blue eye's!  She was born and raised here She is 3 yrs old She is 14" tall!
This  is miss Snowflake! She is a 3yr old American Mini  and she stands approximately 14 1/2 "  tall.  Pictured extremely pregnant! Shes  sweet calm momma!
This is Hello Piggie's Fancy! She is a deep red  and small spots with white socks with  and a gorgeous  blaze face for a cherry on top! She has the most gorgeous blue eyes!  She is from Paisley and Noel!  She is one of the most beautiful piggie's  from our pigs we have seen yet! She is a Miniature Juliana pig! She is 1 1/2 yrs old.
Hello Piggie's Fern is mostly white with a bit of blue skin pigment on her side and over one of her eyes, She is a American Miniature pig with blue eye's she is from us and is back home now! She is 5 years old  and 16" tall  She is Thumbelina's half Sister!   She is our second largest girl  and she is expecting her first litter in this picture!
This is Hello Piggie's Merry Maple or AKA M & M!   She is a daughter of Badger and Fox! She is a exact little copy of  mother and I couldn't help but fall in love with this little lady! She is now 2 1/2 year old. She is a American Miniature pig.
This is Hello Piggies Princess Tiana AKA Tiny! She is a black roan daughter of Queenie(Has new home now) and the late Frosty.  She is a amazing copy of her father!   She is here to stay! She is 2 years old! I am really enjoying watching this beautiful girl! She is a American Miniature pig!
This is Miss Judy! Born & raised here! She is white with blue eye'd and also tough to get photos of her!   She  is  a American Mini  and 1 1/2 years old She is projecting to be  very small girl!
Meet miss Mocha! She was supposed to have her home as  a baby and they pulled  a no show! I think it was fate! because she just stayed with us!!   She is a beautiful  Chocolate brown agouti with spots and a partial blue eye! She is 1 year old  and a American Mini
This is my last Frosty daughter! From the late Frosty. Her name is Rona,  I had to keep this girl since I love the Frosted color so much! She is pictured with her 9/3/20 Litter (today!)  She is 2 years old and a sweet mother and extremely small! She is a American Miniature and looks nearly identical to her half sister Tiny! Shes a little dirty from all the rain we have been getting really has everything wet!