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Please read our sales policy before considering getting a piglet from us! We take a lot of pride in being a responsible breeder. When you buy a piglet from us you are agreeing to our sale policy, whether you have read our policy or not.

We are private farm to prevent the spread of avian and swine and sheep and goat diseases AND THEIVES! for our animals own safety as pigs are not our only animal on the farm we must think about the safety of ALL of the animals..
Visitors are allowed ONLY with a scheduled visit time. Do not just show up without an appointment as you will be turned away. These times are limited, and are set just for you. Once a visit is scheduled, if you are more than 30 minutes late please have the decency to call us at 1-870-955-8610. If you do not do this, your visit is done. If you cannot respect me and my time, you will not be a good fit for my piglets. They deserve the best. All visitors will be made to sanitize hands and shoes prior to seeing the parent pigs. You will NOT be allowed to handle any adult pigs. Piglets Only may be handled as allowed. Bring a pet carrier for your piglet to ride home in.

~ We want to ensure that all of our Pigs go to a good home. We reserve the right to refuse a sale at any time with any explanations. Our Pigs come first.. 

~ If we do not feel a pig is not breeding quality we will NOT offer it as a breeding 

~~ A deposit per pig is required to ensure the selection order and adoption of a pig(s) from us.  Prices vary depending upon the anticipated adult size.    


The deposit will hold your spot in line for the specific litter of your choice. If that litter does not produce the pig of your choice or the sow won't care for her piglets or the piglet of your choice gets smashed by the sow, Before weaning, (Accidents happen) your deposit will be transferred to the next available piglet of your choice produced by Hello Miniature pigs.  

The buyer understands that this may mean a longer wait for their pig(s) than originally anticipated.  

The buyer will automatically forfeit the deposit should the buyer for any reason decide to cancel this contract.

We DO accept payments and if payments are to be made you  must have payments finished within 30 days of weaning or I will list the piglet back up for adoption. and NO refunds will be given.

UPDATED 7/6/20

We now have our twin site currently combined with  this one! We are  Hello piggies/The Pig Trail! On this page you will find available Miniature pigs as well as KuneKune pigs!

Current babies available below!! 

  • Upcoming  Miniature Piglet litters
  • July Litters : 
  • Houdini & Thumbelina  for July 23rd!
  • Houdini & Tiny for July 23rd
  • Houdini & Lufa for July 30th

  • October Litters:
  • Fox & Mia 
  • Fox & Fern
  • Noel & Maple
  • Noel & Paisley
  • Bear & Faye

  • KuneKune Upcoming piglet litters
  • July Litters!
  • Tilda (Sally) & Cedric (Ru) July 10th

Prices vary on pet quality VS breeder quality or color & size and breed and we may offer them both ways but pigs we feel are not worthy as breeders are never offered as intact breeders and we do not sell bottle babies. Prices also will be different if the piglet is picked up from my home or if it is shipped, It takes up alot of my time  and stress and we live in the country a long way from any town.  It takes us two hours alone to travel to our pig vet and with two small children to arrange a transporter and have proper papers for travel  and get everything lined out to get a piglet from here to you so that is why there is a price difference.   

 I DO take payments if arranged soon you would have  8 weeks to pay off your baby!
Our deposits are now set for $75 for miniature pigs or $100 on KuneKune piglets. if you would like to reserve a piglet until they are weaned  it comes off the price of the piglet. The rest can be made in payments  or just paid in full at pick up. I do not have a "Payment button"  I prefer to talk to people before they decide to place a payment just to ensure they have done their research. So please shoot me a email to arrange placing a deposit or payments! Once we have talked,  I accept Paypal, Money Order or Check for  deposits or payments.
Piglets can be transported throughout the US but Transport fee's will  have to be made directly to the transporter when your piglet is delivered. Transport costs vary and we only use ground transport only  and cost is quoted by the transporter  You will have to message me to  let me know where you are located so that I can do a transport  quote!   If piglets are being Transported out of the state of Arkansas I will have to comply with your state's laws, Health papers are usually done same day as vet appointment unless your state requires anything additional.  The basic fee for health papers is $100. So roughly your looking at $300-$350   for transport with your  vet fee.  Some transporters will not have  carriers  and some do, Carriers  are $30. You are welcome to transport your piglet yourself if you want to avoid the transport costs somewhat.
IF YOU ARE HAVING A FEMALE SPAYED $350 MUST BE PAID  ADDITIONALLY WITH A DEPOSIT!   ($350 spay fee WITH  $75 deposit. Which is explained above)

To be upfront spaying a female pig IS a complicated process  and has risks as any surgery, If the piggy was to have spay complications  you would have have to choose another piglet and the spay fee would be applied to the other girl and hopefully no complications arise.. FEMALES WILL NOT LEAVE UNTIL HEALED as the same with males neuters! you would have to be patient and wait for her to be totally cleared  before leaving. 

BEFORE CONSIDERING GETTING A PET Miniature PIG... BUT you are WORRIED about size PLEASE watch this slide show before going down farther to see available pigs!!!!

American Miniature & Miniature Juliana Piglets!

None available now check back  in fall.

American KuneKune Piglets!

Beautiful stocky short non wattled gilt from Rio & George (Sally X BH Tutaki) $400 Loves belly rubs and has a very nice body and a big round head just perfect except  the lack of wattles... But She should produce lots of wattled babies with a wattled boar!
A beautiful solid hunk of a boarling! This tri colored boar from Vanilla and Bajie (Mahia Love X Rona) is available for $500! Already seeing his fathers big beautiful head! Very friendly and comes right up for belly rubs!
A beautiful ginger and black wattled gilt from Vanilla X Bajie (Rona X Mahia Love) She is a nice friendly girl just like everyone! She is $500  She has nicely attached wattles!